Recent Testimonials

Alex Evans | Oct43th 2013

An emergency service call on a Sunday as my main drain in the basement badly clogged and overflowing. Alex and Hamed showed up from another job. They worked until 9:30pm to remove their snake that had become stuck on tree roots. They called a 3rd plumber at 8pm on a rainy Sunday night who helped fix the problem. They then recommended how they would replace the drain and the procedures when all they wanted to do was go home to their wives and eat dinner. The price charged was so ridiculously low that I added a big tip to make up for their hard work. Highly recommended and my new plumbers moving forward

M in Thornhill | Sep 26th 2013

Called Top Choice Plumbing on short notice and they came out in 2 days. 2 gentlemen came out and worked quite hard for 4 hours. The work was great and as they were fixing the toilet they also asked for cleaning supplies to clean areas that were exposed during the repair. They are now my go to plumbers.

Nick from York | Sep 1st 2013

Top choice plumbing guys did a awesome job for me,they were fast,fair and well knowledged, they deliver the job done clean and on time, i would definitely recommend them and ll call them again for plumbing issues.