Robert Borski founder of Top Choice Plumbing and Works Building Trades Foundation. Mr. Borski started his career in the water and wastewater industry in 2006. Knowledge and experience in wastewater treatment, water treatment plants, water/wastewater distribution systems, water/wastewater sampling, preventative maintenance treatment of water/waste water systems, septic systems, residential and commerical plumbing service, new construction plumbing and backflow prevention.

Experience in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and California.

Certifications and license's from organizations such as ABPA, ASSE, IDEM, OSHA, State of Tennessee, State of South Carolina, Orange County, California, San Bernardino, California.  


Works Building Trades Foundation

Works Building Trades Foundation is a charitable non profit organization using proceeds to provide resources for trade programs at schools in South Carolina. Free resources for individuals seeking and pursuing a life long career in a trade. An organization that has a living network of industry professionals for individuals to expand their education and resources throughout their career.

The Vision

To be trusted and recognized as an exceptional source of modern mentorship, leadership, education, and resources for aspiring and established trade professionals.

The Mission

  • Discover and explore innovative ways to inspire individuals toward achievement.
  • Maintaining positive change and growing organically through passionate individuals and organizations.
  • Expanding the foundation to an international level, promoting new technologies and training across the world.


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