Company Core Values

Be transparent- while engaging with people around you, express and share your thoughts and opinions honestly and respectfully.

Be humble- have an open mind, swallow your pride, knowing there are things we all don’t know. 

Be honest- in respectable ways speaking and acting truthfully towards others.

Be authentic- simply being actual and exactly who you are.


Provide a clear path.
Provide proven methods to solve drainage issues, provide accurate location and image of drains, and provide clear, factual knowledge of the drain.

Provide a clear path for new employees and existing, via exclusive in-house training at our training facility, thereby giving a clear path to career success.

Provide charitable resources for trade schools such as training, equipment, and seminars, to inform students and advance the plumbing service industry.


Top Choice Plumbing aims to support accessible education and expand professions within the plumbing industry by digitizing and modernizing the way a plumber’s service is received.

Company Culture

It all starts with the way we conduct business and interact with others. We believe that our core values are best promoted and protected by having a radically transparent relationship with everyone in the organization.

Radical transparency forces issues to the surface. Most importantly and uncomfortably at times, the problems that people are dealing with and how they are dealing with them must be clearly identified.

Be completely honest with each other, help each other learn, and foster the power of self-awareness. This will create meaningful relationships.

These principles describe our radical transparent culture:

  • Goals – Set a clearly identified marker of success.
  • Problems – We get to the bottom of problems; identify them honestly and be not afraid.
  • Diagnose – Use your experience and knowledge to understand the problem and find its root cause.
  • Design – Develop a strategic solution to resolve the problem.
  • Do – Execute your informed solution until all goals are met.

In a radically transparent culture, we understand the truth is essential to success. Maintaining integrity in all endeavors, fostering self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, and building honest relationships with customers and team members, are actions we take to support the authenticity and expertise our clients deserve. This means taking the time to reflect on how a situation was handled and where there could be more room for improvement in a positive way.

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