Tough problems are solved with innovation and proven methods.

Our drainage specialists are equipped with modern solutions.

We use the latest equipment and innovative techniques designed to solve tough drainage problems and preventative solutions for the future.

No matter how unique or common your situation is, Top Choice Plumbing has the equipment to overcome the obstacles.


Investigate and Identify the root issue.

Check out this video to see exactly how a Top Choice drain line inspection service can solve your drainage problem. The footage was filmed using one of our camera's used for drain line inspections, a high-resolution, waterproof push camera that reaches up to 200 feet.


Drain Line Cleaning

Unique issues call for specific types of equipment.

We use chemical liquids and a combination of mechanical methods including;

Pneumatic, Hot or Cold Water Jetting, Flexi Rooter Machines, Drum Machines, and Sectional Machines.

Our Equipment's Tips and Heads can Saw, Descale, Rip Apart, Flush, Destroy, Retrieve, Steam. 



Drain Line Inspections

Visually inspecting a drain line provides visually seeing;

Obstructions, current piping condition, frequent trouble spots and construction obstacles

This service is a clean, and valuable service for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Drain Line Locating

To find a specific drainpipe or tap location we use a locator with transmitters that receive a sonde signal and pinpoints the precise location.

Top Choice Plumbing then uses identity markers and water based spray paint to mark drainage lines.