Drain Cleaning


Clearing and cleaning storm and sanitary drains.


Tree roots, foreign objects, grease, dirt, baby wipes, rocks, coins, sludge and more. 

Routine Maintenance  

Residential, multi-tenant, restaurants, hotels, airports, and industrial drains. Record keeping, and service reminders with our property profile management. Total convenience.

Drain Inspection


Providing a visual picture of storm and sanitary drains.

Clear Visual "Condition of Drains"

Residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Residential, multi-tenant, restaurants, hotels, airports, and industrial. Time stamped, footage indication, audio voice over, file delivered electronically. 

Drain Locating


Providing a location point of storm and sanitary drains.

Clear Visual "Location of Drains"

Detecting drain locations at residential, commercial, and industrial properties gives you the necessary knowledge for maintenance personnel, contractors, and homeowners.

Pre-Construction Locates

Residential, multi-tenant, restaurants, hotels, airports, and industrial properties. Locating private drains for contractors and owners. Indication markers, and painted location path.



The same principles we use to solve our own problems and be competitive is the same for each service we provide:

  • GoalsSolve your drainage emergency or wastewater issue.  (Set a clearly identified marker of success.)
  • ProblemsIdentify the drainage or wastewater issue.  (We get to the bottom of problems; identify them honestly and be not afraid.)
  • DiagnoseIdentify why the issue or issues have occurred.  (Use our experience and knowledge to understand the problem and find its root cause.)
  • DesignEstablish professional strategic options to resolve the issue.  (Develop a strategic solution to resolve the problem.)
  • DoDiscuss these options and put a plan into action.  (Execute your informed solution until all goals are met.)


Top Choice Plumbing is the professional drainage specialist company, driven to provide results. 

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial
  • Package pricing, Satisfaction guarantee
  • Full scale onsite service, preventative maintenance options, long-term or short-term, provide procurement
  • Property profile management system for record keeping. Who, What, When, Where accessible 24/7
  • Network of nationwide engineering, environmental, laboratory and maintenance options
  • Experience and education enabling us to provide up to date procurement options
  • Complete transparency  

We encourage all and offer all our services to:

  • Individual residential homes
  • Small business owners, and trade specific companies
  • Construction management firms, Construction site developers
  • Property management companies, Real estate companies
  • Conservancy districts, Private utility owners
  • Municipalities, Government agencies
  • Large Fortune 500 companies
  • If you have a drain, we want to solve your issue period 


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