Providing a Clear Path


We are a mechanical contractor based in Charleston, SC, and travel throughout the region to serve our clients.

We are considered one of the top plumbing contractors and our success depends on our hardworking, dedicated employees.

Radical Transparency

Company Culture

We value our employees and are committed to their development as skilled professionals and valued members of the community. We take responsibility for training and development of our workforce and provide advancement opportunities to encourage extraordinary client service and initiative. All employees attend a four-year apprenticeship program administered by the Works Building Trades Foundation.


Set a clearly identified marker of success.


Identify problems honestly and without hesitation.


Utilize expertise to identify the root of the problem.


Develop a strategic solution to resolve the problem.


Execute informed solution until all goals are met.

Trust and Worth

Our Clients

Why Choose Us

We operate in a radically transparent culture because we believe it is essential for success. This includes transparency in our mistakes and weaknesses, which helps create the understanding that leads to improvements.

Our Values

We are a proud member of the Works Building Trades Foundation, a 501.3(c) registered non-profit organization that is spearheading the movement to create skilled professionals in the trades.

Through their four-year plumbing apprenticeship program, called Path, we train our professional plumbers in all aspects of the trade so they increase their value to the company, which in turn increases their compensation.

Your Career Path

Work at Top Choice

We strive to maintain a long term, trusting relationship with our employees through mutual respect and our radically transparent business practices. We’re looking for individuals who enjoy working as a team to create a satisfying outcome for our clients.